What’s Fiction & Reality in Jack’s Back?


First word on new horror flick

Lee Boxleitner is in development on Jack’s Back – no relation to the 1988 film with James Spader.

With an official site in place, Boxleitner is securing a cast which may include John Morris, Ernie Hudson and The Ring‘s Daveigh Chase.

Boxleitner will write and direct.

Synopsis: Keaton Holcomb was a ten year old boy with an imaginary friend named “Jack”. One night, “Jack” decided to fix the abusive relationship between Keaton and his father, by blowing his fathers brains out. Keaton was sent to the children’s ward at Santa Mira, Hospital for the criminally insane. Twelve years later Keaton is released, secure in the knowledge that “Jack” was a mere figment of his imagination. Against the advise of his doctor, Keaton returns back to his empty home, to come to grips with his past. But unfortunately for Keaton, his past comes to grips with him. “Jack” is back, and as he goes on a murderous rampage, killing anyone Keaton comes in contact with. Keaton discovers he must stop “Jack” at all costs. There’s only one problem. Is “Jack” real?

Source: Shock Till You Drop