Indie Watch: The Trailer for Maskerade


The plantation home massacre

Sometimes actor, producer and director, Griff Furst has a new film on the way called Maskerade featuring Treat Williams and Michael Berryman as well as Nikki Deloach, Stephen Colletti, Ross Britz and Jeepers Creepers‘ Jonathan Breck. A trailer has gone live at the film’s official site.

Maskerade concerns a lucky couple who hits the jackpot when they purchase a 19th century plantation home for pennies on the dollar. Determined to get rich quick, they invite their friends up for the weekend to celebrate their good fortune. It’s quickly apparent that the plantation home’s former residents have not left and the unlucky youths suddenly find themselves running for their lives.

Standard crazed family fare, it sounds like. Let’s see what Furst can do to dusty off an old concept.

Source: Shock Till You Drop