Wicked Concept Art Book Coming for Resident Evil 5


Monster party galore!

If you’re a concept art junkie like myself, you might appreciate this, even if it’s not for a film.

Capcom is working with Udon to publish “The Art of Resident Evil 5” this July (it’s available for pre-order at Amazon now). This terrifying tome will showcase the “3D models, character designs, environments, storyboards, and promotional art that went into creating one of the most terrifying adventures in gaming! The artwork is accompanied by creator commentary at every step of the way, explaining the design process and revealing never before seen concept art and unused designs. Also included are exclusive interviews with the game’s producers about Resident Evil 5’s development and its place in the series.”

Better still? This will only set you back about 30 bucks. Not bad.

Source: Udon Entertainment