Bit ‘O Walking Dead Clarification


Is the Man of Steel in or out?

The morning began with some news circulating around the web that Brandon Routh was potentially going to co-star in the Frank Darabont/AMC series The Walking Dead.

Not bad, not bad. But it ain’t true.

The official site for the actor debunked this rumor via Twitter stating he is not on board, contrary to those reports that spread like wildfire, as they are wont to do. Besides, if he was cast, I could only picture him as Shane, best friend to the Rick Grimes character. But Shane’s shoes have already been filled by actor Jon Bernthal. Andrew Lincoln stars as Rick.

Normally, we’d skirt rumors like this one if we were not sure of it ourselves, but as the story blew up throughout the day, we thought we’d give you an update regardless.