Trailer: For the Good of Others


From the producer of The Others

And now a break from the remakes, the screen grabs, sequels and other madness. Below you’ll find a trailer for For the Good of Others, a supernatural thriller starring Eduardo Noriega of The Devil’s Backbone. The Others director Alejandro Amenábar sat in the producer’s chair on this one for director Oskar Gomez.

Noriega plays Diego, a doctor so used to dealing with critical situations that he has become immune to the suffering of others. He has distanced himself from his work, his wife and his duties as a father. During a highly-charged confrontation with the lover of a patient, Diego is threatened with a gun. Hours later, he remembers nothing but the sound of a firearm going off, and the strange sensation of having been hit by more than a bullet. Diego will have to take an irrevocable decision affecting his own life and that of those he loves.

For the Good of Others opened in Spain last month; we’ll let you know when it reaches the States.

Source: Filmax