Update #2: Preview the Nightmare on Elm Street Soundtrack Now


More excerpts from Jablonsky’s score

Update #1: If you head to the official site now and click on “soundtrack” you can hear excerpts from the score.

Update #2: They’re short, but Amazon is now offering excerpts from the score that are different than what’s at the official site. Click here to listen now.

Composer Steve Jablonsky reunites with Platinum Dunes for The Nightmare on Elm Street soundtrack. Will he revisit more familiar themes than he did in Friday the 13th? That remains to be heard. Here’s a list of the tracks on the score coming on April 27.

1. Freddy’s Coming For You

2. Main Title

3. Missing Pictures

4. Rufus?

5. Quiet Drive

6. Jesse and Kris

7. Jesse and the Police

8. You Smell Different

9. A Man Named Fred Krueger

10. Research

11. It’s Hot In Here

12. The School

13. Where The Monster Lives

14. Wake Me Up

15. Boo

16. Like It Used To Be

17. One More Nap

18. Jump Rope

Source: Watertower Music