Update: The Crazies Unleashed in Hollywood


Overture makes screening an event

Update: Overture has provided us with a video from the event! Check it out at the end of this post!

The Vista Theater in Hollywood became the Ogden Marsh Cinemas last night when Overture transformed a street block into a quarantine zone for a unique screening of The Crazies.

Audience members parking in the nearby KCET lot were whisked through checkpoints – by military personnel and scientists barking orders – and herded onto school buses where they were transported through a Crazies-inspired hazard zone of screaming infected townies. The whole affair was very “Halloween Horror Nights” and a great precursor to the screening. Sound effects gave the impression that helicopters were flying overhead; multi-colored lights whirled through the drizzle of rain.

Kudos to Overture for a William Castle-inspired scenario that extended until the very minute the film started in the Vista where soldiers tore two audience members – wearing red wristbands (which meant they were infected, the rest of us got green bands) – from their seats and escorted them out of the theater. It’s been a long time since a studio put on such a production. Click on the image below for pics from the evening which included an after party with the cast and crew!

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor