Update: Malcolm McDowell, Haig Signing in Los Angeles

Celebrating Halloween II‘s DVD release

Update: Please scroll down for an update from Dark Delicacies regarding pricing.

For Shock Till You Drop’s Los Angeles, and surrounding area, readers!

Malcolm McDowell is doing an in-store signing at Dark Delicacies (4213 W. Burbank, Burbank, CA 91505) on Tuesday, January 12 at 6pm. He’ll be joined by Sid Haig.

Purchase of Rob Zombie’s Halloween II and/or The Devil’s Rejects on DVD or Blu-Ray at Dark Delicacies is mandatory to secure a number in line. McDowell is signing Halloween II (which streets on the 12) for $10, he’ll be signing additional items for $25.

Haig, meanwhile, will sign The Devil’s Rejects for free. Other items, however, he’ll sign for $20. For more details, visit DarkDel.com.

If you haven’t seen the alternate ending of Halloween II, which will accompany the DVD, click here!

After listening to the feedback from STYD readers, realizing the economic tenor of the times and seeing that the usual policy of having the guest sign whatever the new item being promoted is for free, as that option is not in our hands with this event, Dark Delicacies has decided to drop the stipulation that a DVD purchase is required for attendance into the Malcolm McDowell/Sid Haig signing on Tuesday January 12th.

A number for your place in line is STILL REQUIRED. But that number is totally FREE but must be picked up in person any time between now and the signing event.

If a Dark Delicacies patron does decide to purchase one of the DVD’s from our store they will still get Malcolm McDowall or Sid Haig to sign that first purchase for only $10. However any additional DVD’s or other items signed by the guest will cost as follows:

Malcolm $25

Sid $20

We hope to make this experience enjoyable and memorable for those attending and look forward to a wonderful event.

Source: Dark Delicacies


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