Pfeiffer Up for Heckerling’s Vamps?


Wishful thinking from the director

The cats at Film Experience got to chatting with director Amy Heckerling (Fast Times at Ridgemont High) who recently announced she’ll be helming the blooodsucker comedy Vamps with star Krysten Ritter.

Heckerling offered the site during their breezy conversation, “I hope I get [Michelle] Pfeiffer for it.” Which could imply that she’s courting the actress for a role.

The director previously worked with Pfeiffer on I Could Never Be Your Woman. Principal photography is set to begin in March 2010 for Parlay Films. It’d be great to see Pfeiffer – who has starred in Wolf, Batman Returns and The Witches of Eastwick – don a pair of fangs.

Source: Film Experience