Williamson: Scream 4 Twists, Modern Inspirations


Will Sidney bite the big one?

Kevin Williamson is juggling a lot of projects, but the one we’re keeping a careful eye on is Scream 4 (check out AFM teaser art).

In a recent interview with the NY Post’s PopWrap, Williamson – who is still writing the sequel – addressed recent rumors about killing off Sidney Prescott (returning actress Neve Campbell) by saying, “The thing about Scream 4 is that there are a lot of twists and turns, so I can’t promise anything. There are a lot of moving pieces, so we’ll see – but if you’re a Scream fan, I think you’re really going to like it.”

While the initial Scream trilogy took its cue from ’80s slasher films, the upcoming films will have to comment on horror in the last decade. Williamson says much of Scream 4 is inspired by “manga comics, Asian ghost girl movies, there’s some PG-13 horror movies in there, vampire movies, M. Night Shyamalan movies and torture porn movies, even though they’ve come and gone.”

He maintains that the film will have its fair share of wit, but it still needs to be scary. For more click here.

Source: PopWrap