One-Sheet for Takashi Shimizu’s Shock Labyrinth


Japan’s first live-action 3-D film

Fortissimo Films is offering American Film Market attendees a special preview of Takashi Shimizu’s Shock Labyrinth 3D, touted as Japan’s first foray in live-action 3-D territory. The poster was on display and we wanted to share it with you along with the following synopsis.

One rainy night, Yuki, a girl missing for 10 years, mysteriously appears. Her friends, Ken, Motoki, Rin, and sister Miyu are confused by her sudden return and uneasily welcome her home. Later that same night, Yuki suddenly faints and is rushed by her loyal friends to the hospital. But the hospital they arrive at turns out to be a decayed and terrifying place…a labyrinth. Trapped within the labyrinth, the horror truly begins for the young friends.

Based on a screenplay by Daisuke Hosaka, the film was shot in an amusement park in Japan.

Shimizu is responsible for the Ju-On series and Marebito.

Source: Fortissimo Films