Rider Strong Dons Emo Hair, Fights Aliens in Darkening Sky


Watch the trailer now!

On the studio front this week, we’ve got The Fourth Kind, an alien abduction thriller, hitting theaters. On the indie front, a trailer has premiered today for a film which tells of an average Joe stumbling on an alien conspiracy. Nope, it’s not another entry in The Arrival series; it’s Darkening Sky, a film we alerted you to in August here, and we’ve got the trailer.

Here, Cabin Fever‘s Rider Strong plays Eric Rainer, a troubled grad student searching for his girlfriend who has mysteriously vanished. Desperate for answers, he meets a beautiful stranger (Danielle Keaton) who lost her boyfriend under similar circumstances. Together, they unravel the mystery, going deeper and deeper into a bizarre world of alien shape-shifters, implanted objects, organ harvesting, and humans seemingly possessed by malevolent forces. Eric’s journey reaches a shocking conclusion with a revelation that will leave audiences reeling – revealing a truth more terrifying than anyone expected.

Ezra Buzzington, Charley Rossman, Danica Stewart, Suzanne Ford, Sally Berman, Time Winters, Bella Difiore and Maitland McConnell also star.

Scripted and directed by Victor Bornia and produced by Karly Young, Darkening Sky is scheduled for a 2010 release.

Source: Official Site