A Look at After Dark Films Official Dread Poster

Based on the Clive Barker Books Of Blood short story

After Dark Films has provided us with their theatrical one sheet poster for Dread, one of their 8 Films To Die For in their upcoming annual Horrorfest. Written & directed by Anthony DiBlasi, Dread is based on the short story from Clive Barker’s infamous Books Of Blood collection.

It stars Jackson Rathbone (Twilight, S. Darko), Shaun Evans, Hanne Steen, Laura Donnelly, Jonathan Readwin, Carl McCrystal, Zoe Stollery, Eva Wyrwal, Elissa Dowling, Kirean Murphy, Elspeth Rae, Erin Gavin and Matt Jessup and will play as part of the 4th After Dark Horrorfest beginning January 29th, 2010. (Other selected features for next year include The Graves and Lake Mungo.)

Synopsis: Three college students set out to study other people’s fears. As the study progresses, one of the students, Quaid, begins to seek salvation from his obsession by exploiting the terrors of his fellow participants.

Source: After Dark Films


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