Clive Barker’s Tricks and Treats


Getting into the mask makin’ biz?

When you hit the showroom floor of Comic-Con, your virtually hit with a dumpster-load of flyers and postcards. One that caught my attention was for something called “Clive Barker’s Halloween.” The postcard was simple: A logo with the following description on the back…

“The next evolution of Halloween is looming from the mind of Clive Barker. Only Disguise, the leader in Halloween costumes can transform Clive’s vision into wearable art. Bizarre costumes and accessories complete this dark anthology for fall of 2010.”

That’s a ways off, for sure. But if you visit you can register for updates so you know when the first images hit the web. Barker’s imagination has permeated every medium imaginable. I’m surprised his own line of masks and costumes hasn’t happened sooner!

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor