SDCC: Fans Should Expect Some Resolution in Saw VI


Writers talk about the next chapter

“Anyone who has felt slighted by the previous entries, look out,” said Marcus Dunstan about the next film in the Saw franchise this afternoon. I sat down with him at the San Diego Comic-Con to talk about his directorial debut The Collector, with co-writer Patrick Melton, and inevitably our conversation turned to Saw VI. They’re both incredibly honest about the past films they penned and enthusiastic about the sixth entry arriving in theaters on October 23.

“[Director] Kevin Greutert is an editor but, man, he knows horror movies,” said Melton. “He knows all of the references we’re making but he’s very aware of controlling everything, what he’ll need in the editing session. But part four was too confusing, part five wasn’t confusing enough and this one hits the mark right in the middle. We have a really good ‘A’ story which makes all of the Tobin Bell flashbacks feel organic and not forced. There’s good pacing and finally there’s a resolution. Finally. Six could be done and that’s it, there could be no more. In terms of the John Kramer storyline, we put a nice bow on it. It’s fulfilling for people, I think.”

Dunstan agrees and believes the film works on another level as well. “It’s also timely. There are a couple of elements to the story that take advantage of our current climate.”

Returning cast members include Costas Mandylor, Mark Rolston, Betsy Russell, Tobin Bell and Shawnee Smith. Then there’s newcomer Peter Outerbridge. “He’s great in this,” said Melton. “He plays a character named William and him and Tobin, they’re connected. Deeply connected. They have a wonderful back and forth. This film just feels more intimate than the other ones.”

Last week, Melton and Dunstan signed up to write Saw VII for returning director David Hackl. And they hinted that there will definitely be some new surprises in store if all goes right.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor