SDCC ’09: Jennifer’s Body, the Director’s Cut


Things going to get freakier

Last night, 20th Century Fox rolled out the red carpet for Jennifer’s Body. No, it wasn’t a premiere but a press event that brought this writer face-to-face with Megan Fox, writer Diablo Cody, producer Jason Reitman and director Karyn Kusama.

The latter told me she’s got plans for the DVD release of her horror-comedy when it ultimately strikes DVD and Blu-Ray. “There’s an extended cut I call my director’s cut that’s letting the freak flag high a little bit higher,” she said. “That will be on the DVD with a ton of deleted scenes so you can get a sense of when we had to shave away at certain stuff that, even though it was entertaining, it wasn’t driving the story.”

Jennifer’s Body, also starring Amanda Seyfried and Johnny Simmons, opens on September 18.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor