SDCC ’09: Dead of Night Teaser Poster


The Dylan Dog feature film…

Director Kevin Munroe (TMNT) showed off footage from his live-action feature debut Dead of Night during a panel this morning at Comic-Con. In attendance to witness the clip and behind-the-scenes reel: Stars Brandon Routh (playing the role of Dylan Dog, paranormal investigator), Sam Huntington and Anita Briem. Also on hand for attendees? A first look at the teaser poster (seen below).

The footage itself looked solid, beginning with a shot of Dylan Dog – a character made famous in the popular Italian comic books of the same name – dozing off in his chair clutching a flute (a nice nod to the books). The montage that followed introduced co-stars Peter Stormare (hissing to Dylan: ) and Kurt Angle, knocking Dylan onto a slab in a meat locker. All sorts of beasties were on display. There’s Taye Diggs at the vampire (a bit Buffy-esque, but with distinguished, long fangs). Tons of zombies – including a particularly funny moment that finds Hungtington waking up in a morgue and discovering what his “condition” is. And a black demon, which is said to be the main baddie in the third act. Attendees also got to see an extended scene in which Dylan is doing battle with a “super zombie,” a hulking, tattooed creature.

Pretty good teaser for what appears to be a fun monster romp.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor