Romero’s Zombie Film Takes a Title


To premiere at Toronto film fest, new photos

George A. Romero’s latest zombie opus has been shambling about without a title for months now. Today, however, it was announced that his “untitled undead film” is now Survival of the Dead.

The film will premiere at the prestigious 2009 Toronto International Film Festival as part of the celebrated “Midnight Madness” series, spotlighting the ten best new horror movies from around ­the world.

Survival of the Dead follows a war-weary band of soldiers who are lured to a remote island that promises to be the last paradise on earth, only to discover that even here there is no escape from the appetites of either the living or the dead.

Says Romero, “We’re in the final stages of post-production and it’s great to come up for air and find out the film’s been chosen to appear at the Festival. It’s just a terrific honor.”

You’ll find a range of photos at the TIFF site here.