Canadian Halloween 2 Poster the Real Deal?


Official site sprouts cool wallpapers

Update @ 5:17pm Pacific: Yep, it’s fan-made. And hey, go to the official site for some bizarro wallpapers for your computer.

As reputable as the IMP Awards site is, I can believe this is the Canadian one-sheet for Halloween 2 they say it is. What you’ve got here is a hi-res publicity still slapped with a credits block. And that tagline? “Welcome to Haddonfield General.” I could understand using a grabber like that if the entire film was set in a hospital, but this one is not. I’m callin’ bullshit. Then again, the credits block does reflect an Alliance Films – the Canadian distributor – logo. If it’s legit? F**k it, this poster is still unimaginative.

Source: IMP Awards