It’s Freddy Versus Jason Again in Fear Clinic!


First look at the terror titans in a new series

Shooting has wrapped on Fear Clinic, a FEARnet original web series starring horror vets Robert Englund and Kane Hodder (best known for their turns as Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees, respectively), Danielle Harris (of the Halloween franchise) and Lisa Wilcox (Nightmare on Elm Street 4 and 5).

Englund plays Dr. Andover. His obsession: to cure humanity’s worst fears. His method: the Fear Chamber, a device of his creation that can bring any worst fear to life. With Dr. Andover’s extreme methods his unwilling patients will be cured for good or die trying.

The mini-series will premiere on and FEARnet’s VOD channel in October as a centerpiece event of its annual Halloween scare-a-bration. The project is directed by Robert Hall (Laid to Rest) with effects from his company Almost Human from a script by Aaron R. Drane, produced by Bobbi Sue Luther and executive produced by Mark B. Johnson and Jim Burns.

Fear Clinic will unfold over five webisodes. Each episode will spotlight Dr. Andover’s eerily extreme methods to help a patient at the clinic conquer their greatest fears: from hydrophobia (fear of water), scotophopia (fear of the dark), and entomophobia (fear of insects), to claustrophobia (fear of small spaces) and misophobia (fear of being contained with germs or dirt).

This is FEARnet’s seventh original series.