Reminder! Midnight Shock Event: Prophecy (1979)


See it tonight!

One summer afternoon, when I was a kid, my father called me into the living room and said, “You’ve gotta check this out!” He hit play on the rented VHS player we had and showed me a clip of a guy, tied to the top of a truck. Then, this giant, lumbering mutant bear moves in front of the camera and takes the dude’s head off! Was I terrified? Hell no. Fascinated? Yes!

From that point on, my love affair for director John Frankenheimer and writer David Seltzer’s 1979 environmental horror flick Prophecy. (Hell, the damn thing haunts my Twitter account.)

Many, many years later, I’m happy to announce that and the New Beverly Cinema (7165 Beverly Blvd. Los Angeles) are prepping to kick your ass – and deliver a poignant message about pollution – with a midnight screening of Prophecy on Friday, July 17th. The event is part of our ongoing, monthly “Midnight Shock” series. The fun kicks off at 11:59pm; tickets are $7.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor