Gigandet Toplines Screen Gems’ Priest

Back to playing a bloodsucker, sorta

Sony loves this guy. Cam Gigandet is the second actor to join Screen Gems’ vampire-western Priest. He’ll star opposite Paul Bettany is who is playing the titular character, a warrior man of the cloth who ventures after a band of vampires who have kidnapped his niece.

Gigandet, according to THR, plays a “wasteland sheriff who is part vampire.” He’s romantically linked to the priest’s niece and forms a partnership with Bettany’s character to save her. Gigandet just wrapped up another Screen Gems picture, The Roommate. He also played a bloodsucker in Twilight.

Scott Stewart is going to direct Priest for producers Michael De Luca, Stars Road Entertainment’s Josh Donen, Mitchell Peck.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter