Official Trailer for Legend of the Bog

Starring Midnight Meat Train‘s Vinnie Jones

Vinnie Jones (Midnight Meat Train) tussles with a crabby bog bastard in Legend of the Bog, a new horror film dropping on DVD via Lionsgate on June 9th. We’ve got the trailer and synopsis for you. When you’re done with these, check out some photos here.

Synopsis: When a 2000-year old mummified murder victim – a Bog Body – is inadvertently disturbed, he rises from the dead. Mummified for retribution and trapped for eternity, his body is unable to decay and his soul is unable to reach heaven or hell. As this Bog Body returns to life, he wreaks havoc on a local group of strangers who unwittingly share a guilty secret. Alone in the dark, they are met with misfortune as this mysterious victim seeks vengeance on their dark past.

Source: Lionsgate Home Entertainment


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