LA! Meet J-Horror Icon Ryuhei Kitamura at Comikaze This Weekend



Meet famed Japanese director Ryuhei Kitamura at Comikaze this weekend.

Revered Japanese genre film enfant terrible Ryuhei Kitamura is hanging out in California in pre-production for his upcoming supernatural horror film VESSELS, which officially goes into production in early 2016. And because he’s got some time to kill, the man has confirmed that he will make an ultra rare appearance at Stan Lee’s annual pop culture fest Comikaze this Saturday, October 31st. Kitamura will be meeting fans at an autograph session from 2-4pm and then sitting down for an interactive panel at 5pm moderated by Jessica Tseang and Chris Eaton of The Kaiju Kingdom Podcast

Just in case you aren’t savvy to Kitamura’s legacy, he’s the troublemaker who broke rules with his mind-bending zombie action opus VERSUS and the 50th anniversary Toho monster mash GODZILLA FINAL WARS. These gigs led him to his 2008 US debut with Clive Barker’s gory and weird THE MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, a film that still sharply divides audiences.

Stan Lee’s Comikaze rolls out this weekend at the Los Angeles Convention Center. For ticket information and full schedule go HERE.

In the meantime…flash back to the awesomeness that is VERSUS below!