Zombie’s Tyrannosaurus Rex Roams Elsewhere

Producer on H2 versus Final Destination

During much of 2008, writer-director Rob Zombie spent time teasing his fans with conceptual art from a new original project in development at Dimension Films called Tyrannosaurus Rex. Then, as quickly as one could ask, “What the hell is T-Rex?” Zombie switched gears and announced he was helming H2, the sequel to 2007’s Halloween. I theorized in December this might mean the rights for Rex were kicked back into Zombie’s hands, allowing him to set the film up elsewhere.

Andy Gould, Zombie’s longtime manager and producer, was able to confirm this for us last night on the set H2. “It’s out of [Dimension’s] hands we’ve got another studio that’s very interested in making it,” he said, “but [H2] came up and we were like, ‘You should go, if you want to tell the rest of your story, tell the rest of the story.’ We did have a two picture deal with the studio, we’re done with that and now we can move on to some other pastures. We really want to make ‘T-Rex.'”

Tyrannosaurus Rex is described as a gritty, ’70s action movie that follows a washed-up prize boxer who gets involved in an underground fighting ring. Gould wouldn’t reveal the studio circling the project (“It’s a film company,” he joked) but said he’d like to make it Zombie’s next film.

Switching gears, I asked if Gould was at all concerned about the fact that New Line has positioned its upcoming sequel Final Destination: Death Trip 3D against H2 on August 28th. “Right now, every week there’s a big movie. It’s really hard, you try to put a movie where there isn’t a big one. I think one of them is going to move and it ain’t going to be us.”

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor


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