Exclusive Laid to Rest Journal Entry #2


Message from a dead man

Special treat here for you, slasher fiends. In anticipation of Rob Hall’s Laid to Rest, ShockTillYouDrop.com will be unveiling three exclusive photos each week leading up to the film’s April 21st DVD release. These images will be accompanied by a “journal entry” from one of the key players involved in the production. This week, say hello to actor Anthony Fitzgerald who writes in from the set of another horror film in the works. If you missed the first entry click here. – Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor

I want to die. A thought I openly spoke about to family, friends and school teachers while growing up which caused much concern until they realized I meant in a movie. In high school I would practice different dead faces. I could keep my eyes open and steadily stare without blinking and simultaneously hold my breathe so it really looked as if I had been laid to rest. I had a face for falling to my death, one for being scared to death, another for – well you get the point. Dying in a movie has always fascinated me and getting to finally experience the loveliness that is death, is a childhood dream come true.

Now, I don’t want anyone to assume I bite the dust in Laid to Rest but if you’ve seen the trailer then I am not spoiling anything for anyone.

I’m a horror kid. I love my blood and guts as much as anyone else but always dreamt of being in a horror movie.

So when I landed in Washington DC just hours after the beloved Pope did I immediately had the privilege of sitting in unnecessary traffic only to come up with my own version of a horror movie that most Catholics would not approve of.

Laid to Rest is a script I read in one sitting written by Robert Hall. I anxiously turned the pages while finding my heart beat at an unusually high pace wondering what the hell was going to happen to these characters. I was told ahead of time the movie was going to consist entirely of night shoots and thought I would be pretty prepared for it; I couldn’t have been any more wrong. After taping up the windows, unplugging anything that displayed the time and sleeping walking into the parking lot I finally figured out the trick to night shoots. (It’s a secret trade that can only be shared with other horror folks.)

Shooting in Lothian, Maryland was a real experience that left me with many positive stories. The crew was incredible and so eager to make horror-magic. The amount of experience that everyone had multiplied by their eagerness to create a horrific movie summed up an amazing product that people will finally be able to see!

ChromeSkull is a bad-ass, he is a truly scary f*cker that I would never want to be around. He could kick Crowley’s ass any day, would give Jason Voorhees a real run for his money and will leave fans begging, screaming and lusting for more. Our lead heroine rivals that of Curtis, Campbell and many others. The rest of the cast is incredible, I mean, Hannah Montana’s future boyfriend, John and Sarah Connor and a hot chick from Friday Night Lights? Did I mention a possessed, quarantined zombie? The director, Robert Hall is a modern marvel, he understands horror and fundamental movie making better than any other director I have worked with.

Currently, I am filming a horror movie in San Francisco titled All About Evil and reflecting on my great times in Maryland. It’s been an incredible journey since shooting finished nearly a year ago; I got to pose with my head for fans at Comic-Con (you’ll see), sign my first poster, make a movie with my friends and prepare everyone I know for this slasher film!

Laid to Rest is definitely not going to disappoint. Be prepared.

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