Inside Team on Board The Home


Lord of the Rings actor to co-produce

Screenwriter Eric Vespe dropped us a line tonight with an update on The Home, a horror film announced last year with director Kristoffer Aaron Morgan attached. Matt Ward co-scripted and Vespe is executive producing.

“Our producers are Franck Ribiere and Verane Frediani, who produced that great French gore-fest Inside,” Vespe announces. “They have started a new production company called Overlook Entertainment and will be producing our movie under that banner. Franck and Verane have been fantastic so far and very supportive. Also producing is actor Elijah Wood. He’s not appearing in the movie, but has been very enthusiastic and has taken the reins on producing alongside Franck, Verane and New Zealand producer Annette Wullems [of King Kong].”

WETA remains on board as the FX team that will bring this film’s nightmares to life. Casting is underway in the UK and New Zealand and shooting is expected to begin this May. For a full plot synopsis, click here.