Laugier Addresses Pinhead Conceptual Makeup


Clearing up some Hell-ish confusion

Fans had a lot to say earlier this week when FX artist Gary Tunnicliffe unveiled his unofficial approach to Pinhead for the forthcoming Hellraiser remake. More or less, it was a bid to get a job and attention. The photo seen here certainly garnered the latter.

Now, new Hellraiser helmer Pascal Laugier wants to clear the air on this week’s developments.

“A lot of fans seem to think that the new Pinhead will look like that,” he tells “My answer is: NO HE WON’T. This version of Pinhead came from the vision of Gary J. Tunnicliffe and not mine or my producer’s. I never met Gary and although I respect him a lot, I want to be very clear about the fact that my vision of the character will be TOTALLY different.”

Laugier, who directed the attention-grabbing Martyrs, was attached to the reboot late last year. “The new look of Pinhead is a VERY important matter to all of us,” he adds.