Laugier to Run with the Dogs?


War vet might be kibbles and bits

Pascal Laugier, now certainly one director to watch in 2009 since helming Martyrs, is in line to direct Hellraiser for Dimension Films. Yet he’s entertaining other projects, too, as any in-demand visionary should.

Production Weekly reports one film Laugier is circling is a thriller called Dogs which tells of “a war veteran trapped in his desert shack, surrounded by wild, hungry dogs.”

The angry canine scenario has been played many times – The Breed being one recent entry that comes to mind – so it’s all about the execution if one hopes to bring anything new to the table. Laugier demonstrated a keen eye for the hardcore in Martyrs, so if he applied that to this nature-run-amok tale, we might see something pretty unique.

Still, this is all going based on PW’s sources. They don’t cite a production company or a writer; we’ll see what happens in the next few months.

Source: Production Weekly