Lawrence on I Am Legend Prequel


Story must be right for director

Francis Lawrence talked recently about the I Am Legend prequel currently being scripted by D.B. Weiss. The director of 2007’s I Am Legend tells Sci-Fi Wire that the “bones” of the story are being hammered out and if the script is solid, he’ll be back to direct.

“I have my beliefs on what was interesting about the first story and what was not so interesting about the first story, and I think that to go back, there has to be a truly viable reason to go back into that world that I think interested everybody, so that’s the real struggle,” Lawrence tells the site. “The struggle is to find a story that brings us back in a way that’s hopefully just as interesting as the first time around.”

The prequel will find Will Smith reprises his role as Robert Neville and is said to follow the events during the viral outbreak and the fall of New York City.

Source: Sci-Fi Wire