Rotten’s Choice Cuts: January Edition


Horror’s best bets and special events

Choice Cuts is a list of your grade A horror-related “best bets” for the month across the slab – theatrical fare, DVD (new or re-issues), special signings and revival screenings. As a reminder, you can click on the film titles for full cast and crew details, plot synopsis, photos and trailers (if available). Look for subsequent Choice Cuts to appear the first day of every month.

Currently, all events listed below are located within the Los Angeles area, however, if you’re the organizer of an upcoming special event, contact us HERE to be included in future editions of Choice Cuts. For a complete list of releases this month visit Shock’s database.

Let’s step into the abattoir and see what’s worth cutting into…


Autopsy & From Within (Opening January 9th): The former I’ve seen – enjoying its severity and excess of gore (the head trauma alone inflicted on its heroine is out of control), the latter, well, has held my interest since premiering at Tribeca last year. This week the two premiere semi-wide with six other films in this year’s Horrorfest III. For theater listings, visit An exclusive interview with Autopsy director Adam Gierasch is here.

My Bloody Valentine 3D (Opening January 16th): An ’80s slasher film remake. Recognizable formula. A CW hunk as the lead, a former WB hunk in the supporting role and a Twilight co-star. What the hell’s to be excited about? Plenty, apparently, as advance notice has been positive heralding its fun attitude and violent swagger. Plus, it’s got Tom Atkins, that’s more reason than anything to haul my ass back into the theater.

Donkey Punch (January 23rd, limited): You’ve got a hankering for cinematic bloodshed, but you’re a dirty lil’ monkey, too, admit it. That’s okay, this film plays both sides. Sex and violence have been dependent partners in the genre and the two hump each other merrily until a grisly climax in this UK import’s first act. Does that get you riled up? It should, it’s sexy stuff before the story devolves into a wet, intense battle of the sexes. Oliver Blackburn’s nightmarish voyage for a group of 20-somethings coasts through familiar waters, still it’s stylish, riveting and oh so naughty.


My Bloody Valentine Uncut (January 13th, Lionsgate): George Mihalka’s original Canadian contribution to the early ’80s slasher boom arrives on disc with newly discovered footage intact (full details) and more juicy special features.

Cold Prey (January 20th, Anchor Bay): The Norwegian horror hit by director Roar Uthaug vies for the attention of Stateside horror fans and they should give this one a chance. Uthaug offers nothing new but his execution is admirable with palpable dread, a stark and threatening environment and a unique killer

Dead & Buried Blu-Ray (January 27th, Blue Underground): The 1981 film with the killer ending by director Gary Sherman (Death Line) is given a quality boost on the technical level. If you don’t own it, get it. The pace is a drag, but the payoff is worth it. May be worth an upgrade depending on your adoration for this vintage Robert Englund (who co-stars) and Dan O’Bannon (screenwriter) cult classic.


The following are taking place at Dark Delicacies in Burbank, CA. For more info, visit

Saturday, Jan 10th @ 2pm: Hellbound: Hellraiser II Director Tony Randel, screenwriter Peter Atkins and composer Christopher Young signing the 20th Anniversary Edition of Clive Barker’s Hellbound: Hellraiser II (DVD $19.98).

Saturday, Jan 17th @ 2pm: My Bloody Valentine 3D Director Patrick Lussier, screenwriter Todd Farmer, and Chris Carnel (the killer) are signing and giving away posters.

Sunday, Jan 25th @ 2pm: Repo! The Genetic Opera Director Darren Lynn Bousman, screenwriters Terrance Zdunich and Darren Smith signing Repo! The Genetic Opera (DVD $19.98) with other guests to be announced.


January 17th @ Midnight: Elvira, Mistress of the Dark is playing at the Vista Theatre (4475 Sunset Dr.) with Elvira making an appearance. Full details here.

January 24th @ Midnight: Targets – Boris Karloff plays a veteran horror actor in this Peter Bogdanovich thriller. More info can be found at the New Beverly Midnights’ MySpace page.

January 30th @ 7:30pm: The Secret Life: Jeffrey Dahmer and Deranged. More details at

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor

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