First Look at Twilight’s Nikki Reed in Chain Letter

Full trailer surfaces online

One film in Twisted Pictures’ cannon for 2009 (maybe?) is the slasher film Chain Letter starring Twilight‘s Nikki Reed and Deadgirl‘s Noah Segan. A full trailer has presented itself which you can watch right here.

Burly Michael Bailey Smith plays the maniac at the center of writer-director Deon Taylor’s plot and here he serves to cut down a group of teens who fail to forward on an e-mail chain letter. And get this, the killer uses chains…you see? Chain letter, chains? Ah, nevermind. Horror films using technology as the plot’s crutch haven’t been too successful (One Missed Call, Cry_Wolf, Stay Alive). Will Chain Letter break this losing streak?

Source: Deon Taylor Enterprises, Joey M.


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