Director Has Unborn Sequel in Mind


First 20 minutes would be prequel

If The Unborn opens to success on January 9th, writer-director David Goyer already has a follow-up in mind.

Without giving too much of the first film’s key plot elements away, Goyer tells us his sequel would begin as a prequel with actress Carla Gugino returning with some backstory on her character and facing a supernatural predicament that’s hinted at in Unborn. “It would be twenty minutes of that, then pick up in present day with [her daughter] Odette [Yustman’s character],” says Goyer.

Is Odette Yustman game to return? “Oh yeah, as long as I don’t have to do anything with potato bugs,” she laughs, referring to the nightmarish scenes she shares with the insects in The Unborn. The actress says she would love to work with Gugino again. “Hopefully we’ll have a hit on our hands and we can make another movie! We’ll see.”


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