Petty Talks Faces of Death Feature Film


Ready to go, but is the studio?

Not a huge update, still it’s worth noting that progress has been made since director J.T. Petty committed to a Faces of Death film some time ago for Rogue Pictures. Petty, whose picture The Burrowers is finally coming to DVD in April, recently told Fangoria that a script is done, but the film may be on hold while the producers sort out the legal rights surrounding the title.

“I am only remaking it because you cannot remake it,” he tells the site. “There is no narrative in Faces of Death, so I thought I could make something original and new out of it. I would describe this as a less melodramatic version of [Paul Thomas Anderson’s] Magnolia – but where everyone dies horribly.”

One other element that may potentially delay the film is the impending departure of Rogue co-president Andrew Rona next year. But that’s just speculation. We’ll keep you updated nevertheless.

Source: Fangoria

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