AFM ’08: Trailer, First Details for Gnaw


It’s nice to have your friends for dinner…

Here’s another entry in the horror cannon that gives new meaning the phrase You are what you eat

Gnaw is the latest horror film hailing from the UK; buyers will get a taste for Gnaw when it screens this week at the American Film Market.

Pic marks the feature debut for director Gregory Mandry and writers Michael Bell and Max Walker. And judging by the trailer, this one appears to simmers in torture and cannibalism. The official site offers this plot synopsis: In this dark, tongue in cheek, British Horror, six friends take a holiday in the heart of the English countryside which turns into a culinary nightmare when they discover that their hosts are a sadistic family of cannibals, set on turning their guests into their next meal!

Sara Dylan, Rachel Mitchem, Hiram Bleetman (The Zombie Diaries), Julia Vandoorne and Nigel Croft-Adams star.

Gnaw poster Gregory Mandry UK horror

Source: Official Site