AFM ’08: Poster, Trailer for Grace


There’s something wrong with this baby

Delivery is complete. Director Paul Solet (interview) has officially given birth to Grace, a feature film take on his disturbing short film. AFM screenings are taking place next week and in anticipation of its world premiere Lightning Entertainment is hosting a sale trailer right here and early one-sheet (below).

Jordan Ladd plays Madeline Matheson, a eight months pregnant woman determined to deliver her unborn child, Grace, naturally. When an accident leaves the baby dead inside her, Madeline insists on carrying the child to term. Weeks later, when she delivers, the baby miraculously returns to life, but after returning home, Grace’s health begins to deteriorate. When the baby’s appetite for milk is replaced by a more sinister hunger for human blood, Madeline must make a mother’s ultimate decision and discover how far she is willing to go to save her child.

Adam Green, Kevin DeWalt, Kevin DeWalt and Ingo Vollkammer produced Grace, Solet’s feature debut.

Source: Lightning Entertainment