Early Word on The Children


Too nasty for America?

Tonight, I had the good fortune of meeting a colleague named Chris during a brief jaunt to London. UK horror was inevitably brought up and this fellow writer informed me he had seen a rough cut of Tom Shankland’s The Children.

He expressed quite a bit of excitement about the film which follows adults in the countryside fending off children afflicted with an illness that has made them bloodthirsty. Shankland’s effort is an adaptation of a short story by Paul Andrew Williams (The Cottage).

Chris told me The Children delivers the scary goods and it may have a tough time finding U.S. distribution given the nature of the story. When he was pressed for specific button-pushing scenes, he described a scene in which an adult gets stabbed through the eye by a young tyke. Not a teen, but a bite-sized youngster.

American Film Market attendees will get a taste of the film in the U.S. next month. I’m fixin’ to partake in a screening then and will report back with more! Until then, learn more about the film here where you’ll find a link to the official site and teaser trailers.

Source: Ryan Rotten, ShockTillYouDrop.com