King Appreciates Complex Bloody Valentine


She’s stuck in a love triangle

Jaime King talks My Bloody ValentineJaime King has more to fear than Harry Warden, the pick-axe wielding killer from her upcoming horror movie My Bloody Valentine 3-D. “There are so many twists [in the film] I can’t tell you. I have to be so careful, the director will kill me,” she jokes with when asked to tell us a bit about the Patrick Lussier-directed remake.

The Sin City actress does reveal she plays Sarah Palmer and that she’s stuck “in a love triangle” between Kerr Smith’s Axel Palmer and Jensen Ackles’s Tom. “It’s really complex and actually like a very interesting character piece which was what I wanted to bring to it. I wanted it to be as complex as possible for that kind of a film. And there are so many twists and turns, you never know who’s who, which I love.”

King admits she’s never seen the original My Bloody Valentine. That’ll be remedied soon enough, however – she’s hunkering down with co-star Smith to watch it this week.

Check out our early chat with Smith right here. My Bloody Valentine 3-D opens in theaters on January 16th.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor