Trick ‘r Treat Chapter Closed for Dougherty


Where’s the hold up at Warner Bros.?

Michael Dougherty reacts to Trick 'r Treat screening“I got the reaction I wanted and then some,” enthused Michael Dougherty when caught up to him immediately after the Los Angeles screening of Trick ‘r Treat at Screamfest. “This was probably the best experience I’ve had watching this movie and I’ve watched it a lot. I, honestly, was afraid I’d be spending time in the lobby with my head in my hands but this feels like redemption of some sort.”

“I was surprised by moments in the film I didn’t think anybody would catch, especially the humorous moments,” he continues. “There’s a scene when [actor] Dylan Baker suddenly realizes what he’s gotten himself into…to me there are jokes in that that I thought I was the only one who would see it, but the audience’s reaction was great It definitely feels like I’m closing the chapter and I can move on to the other projects. Whatever happens with [Trick ‘r Treat] from this point onward, great.”

Unfortunately, the writer-director of, what I feel, is one of the best horror films in some time, is not aware of what Warner Bros. intends to do with his picture now. He told me a few suits from the studio and co-producer Legendary Pictures was in the house for the L.A. event. “They’ve generally been supportive. It’s the people in the upper-echelons of the studio who make the decision as to what’s going to happen [with the release]. And you find a lot of your bigger supporters come from the lower levels who are all asking why this isn’t getting released. The Legendary guys have been fantastic from the beginning, they pushed to get it made.”.

Next up for Dougherty on the feature film front is Calling All Robots, his motion-capture effort for Robert Zemeckis that he’s co-penning with Breehn Burns and Simeon Wilkins. He’s also got a TV series called Bitches in the pipeline at Fox – click here for more on that story.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor