EXCL: Ashmore Lives to Tell About The Thaw


Actor talks eco-horror film with Val Kilmer

Smallville‘s Aaron Ashmore took a break from playing Jimmy Olsen for The Thaw, an Anagram Pictures production directed and co-written by Mark Lewis.

“It’s an eco-thriller, something’s basically melting up in the north and they’re doing research up there and stumble on it,” Ashmore explained to me at the Los Angeles premiere of Trick ‘r Treat. That thing Ashmore refers to is a Woolly Mammoth which, in the film, carries a prehistoric parasite that threatens the world. Ashmore and his co-stars – Val Kilmer (playing a former eco-terrorist), Martha MacIsaac (The Last House on the Left), Steph Song and Kyle Schmid (Joy Ride 2) – must make a decision about how to handle this menace. “Do we let it go and have hundreds of thousands of people die yet change everybody’s opinion of global warming? Or, do we quarantine it and save lives? It’s a moral dilemma.”

Pressed for more details about the film’s exhumed threat, Ashmore says viewers should expect to see a parasite, but he’s unsure of how up close and personal viewers will get to it. “[When we shot the film, the parasite] was all CGI. They showed us tests of these little critters and they looked creepy, like these earwig type things that crawl in you and try to lay eggs. In a lot of circumstances, less is more and I think that’s probably what they’re going for.”

The Thaw happens sometime in 2009.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor