EXCL: Kerr Smith Talks My Bloody Valentine 3-D


On MPAA rating, Jensen Ackles and new technology

At the Screamfest after party for Trick ‘r Treat, I had a moment to get chatty with actor Kerr Smith (The Forsaken) co-star of Patrick Lussier’s My Bloody Valentine 3-D. In the remake of George Mihalka’s slasher film of the same name (sans the “3-D”), Smith plays Axel Palmer, sheriff of the town known as Harmony.

Smith told me Lussier’s film is very different from the ’81 original, except for “Harry Warden, the miner, and a couple of other characters in the film, but that’s really about it. It’s a brand new movie.”

When I informed him that an official MPAA rating was in (it’s rated R), the actor grinned. “It’s going to be a hard R,” he promises. “There’s a lot of blood, man. A lot of killing. It’s scary. What I love about this film – because when you do a lot of thrillers it’s a crapshoot, some people phone it in and whatever – but no one phoned it in on this one. Everybody did a great job. Patrick [Lussier] had a terrific vision. He knew every scene and he helped make the actors make it a compelling story.” That was a plus consider the 3-D process during principal photography process was slow, he adds. “It’s really interesting to watch two cameras working at 90-degree angles from one another. It’s very interesting and a new wave that’s going to catch on. There are a lot of movies that are going to be 3-D. I love 2-D movies, but to go to a three-dimensional movie is going to be an experience.”

Bloody Valentine also stars Jaime King (Sin City) and Jensen Ackles who Smith had worked alongside briefly in Dawson’s Creek. “It was a pleasure to work with him again. Jensen’s a cool cat, man. He’s tall, formal and just a fun guy to hang out with.” He says they had a bit of fun taunting Ackles’ Supernatural co-star who was off on another slasher redo. “We were calling Jared [Padalecki] – because he was shooting [Friday the 13th] in Texas when we were shooting in Pittsburgh – and Jensen was telling him, You know our movie is better than yours, right?

Horror fans will soon find out if that’s the truth when My Bloody Valentine 3-D opens in theaters on January 16th, a nearly a month before Platinum Dunes releases Friday the 13th on February 13th

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor