Lady Blood Art, Synopsis & Trailer


A sequel to 1990’s Baby Blood

In 1990, Alain Robak’s Baby Blood (aka The Evil Within) lived up to its name. This French import, backed by horror critics like Chas. Balun who reveled in its excessive bloodshed, tells of a parasite that crawls inside female host, Yanka (Emmanuelle Escourrou), so it will be born of a human. To grow stronger, however, it needs to be fed gallons of blood.

It’s wacky, and wet, stuff.

Now, a sequel is on the way, this one entitled Lady Blood. An official synopsis goes like this: Seventeen years later, Yanka is a mother and a chief of police. She’s a fulfilled woman, in love with her husband and happy with her daughter and mother-in-law. Everything’s going great until a strange occurrence disturbs her new life. With the help of her psychiatrist husband, she tries to convince herself that it’s just a nightmare. But it gets worse every day… In the same time, she heads an investigation into the local mob which leads her to the discovery of horrible crimes, so much like the bloody carnage she herself committed while under the monster’s influence all those years earlier…

Emmanuelle Escourrou encores as Yanka and Frontiere(s) helmer Xavier Gens even has a role; Jean- Marc Vincent writes and directs. You can get a look at some footage from the sequel in a lengthy preview here and because the film is getting ready to screen at the American Film Market next month, sales art has found its way online (below).

Source: Official Site