Bill Murray is Talkin’ Ghostbusters 3


He’s sounding rather upbeat about it, too spoke with actor Bill Murray about his role in the upcoming City of Ember and the recently announced Ghostbusters sequel written by The Office‘s Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky.

“It’s a great idea that they hired these two guys to do it, ’cause I think it could be a fresh look at it. And it could be funny. We did a sequel and it was rather unsatisfying for me, because the first one to me was ‘the goods,'” Murray tells the site. Regarding his commitment to a threequel, the actor says, “It’s mostly all about the script. I don’t have any obligation to the franchise or anyone. If the script were good and I thought we could do it, it’d be fun. But, you know, it’s only now that this has ever been a prospect. No one’s ever talked about it for a long time, ’cause the second one was the way it was.”

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