Temple, Henson Talk House Adaptation


Based on the book by Frank Peretti & Ted Dekker

Frank Peretti and Ted Dekker’s 2006 Christian horror novel House comes to life in a new feature film directed by Robby Henson. Roadside Attractions releases the picture, starring Allana Bale, J.P. Davis, Heidi Dippold and horror vets Michael Madsen, Leslie Easterbrook, Bill Moseley and Lew Temple, in a limited theatrical run on November 7th.

“It’s good versus evil,” Temple explains of the plot. “We’re puppet mastered by Michael Madsen and we’re a family that run a bed and breakfast where you check in but you don’t get to check out. Everywhere you go in the house the room opens up some dark closets in your own life: Abortion, cheating on a husband… It opens up your own paranoia about the bad things you have to own up to to survive.”

Some horror fans might be concerned House will be overwrought with heavy-handed Christian themes (like, as one reader wrote in to Shock, “those Kirk Cameron movies”), but Temple says the film has “a genre foundation. Honestly, this will be more horror.”

Henson agrees, “The book has a faith-based following, I’m not a faith-based person myself. It’s a combination of things. It’s a film that has that pedigree. A lot of films like The Exorcist have that battle between good and evil, this film has that too. It doesn’t hammer you over the head, it is pretty scary.”

For a look at the poster and trailer to House visit this link.

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor