Jason is Watching the Friday Fans


Mears talks online buzz, teaser trailer

Mick Garris, beware. Your crown as one of the nicest guys in horror may be snatched away by actor Derek Mears if you’re not too careful.

Mears, who plays Jason Voorhees in Platinum Dunes’ Friday the 13th, took a break from the red carpet shenanigans at Universal’s Eyegore Awards Ceremony Friday night to candidly talk with me about the increasing buzz surrounding Voorhees’ latest massacre. And yes, he is watching what the fans have to say. The actor admits to sifting through horror sites like ShockTillYouDrop.com to read what people say when photos, like this batch, leak online.

“People tell me not to [read the message boards], but I’m entertained either way,” Mears says. “I love the, Pardon me, if it’s a remake wouldn’t that be the mother [doing the killing]? Yeah, I understand that, but it’s not a remake. The positive stuff and the negative stuff, I like it. I’ll see digs on myself like, That guy’s a total P-U-S-S-Y! And I’m like, okay…that’s cool.”

Mears can relate to the increasing level of excitement surrounding the film as we near its Friday, February 13, 2009 release date. “I’ve been talking to [producers] Brad [Fuller] and Andrew [Form] at Platinum Dunes and they’re like little kids knowing they’ve got a big surprise. They told me, Just so you know, we’ve done eight films here and this is the best film we’ve ever made. Don’t tell me that, just show it to me!”

A teaser trailer is expected to arrive in theaters on October 24th. “I saw a rough cut,” Mears beams. “You see a little bit. It’s about a minute long but the cool thing is that, because we bonded as a cast and we genuinely like each other, we all rushed Platinum Dunes on the same day to see the teaser.” And the verdict? “It’s great! And I’m not just trying to hype it, the movie looks amazing.”

Source: Ryan Rotten, Managing Editor