Early Sales Art for Burning Bright


Hurricane + Tiger = Good times

Familiar complaints about “sequels” and “remakes” shouldn’t surround Burning Bright.

Christine Coyle Johnson and Julie Prendiville Roux’s screenplay tells of a young woman and her autistic brother who are trapped in a house, during a hurricane, with a hungry tiger. My initial reaction to the logline has me conjuring up memories of Venom with Oliver Reed, Klaus Kinski and Nicol Williamson. Early word from those on the production tell me it’s pretty cool.

At the helm is Carlos Brooks, director of the thriller Quid Pro Quo starring Nick Stahl. David Higgins (Hard Candy) serves as co-producer.

Sobini Films, who is shepherding Burning Bright, has posted a sales poster announcing the film’s April 2008 principal photography start. Obviously it’s in post-production now. You’ll also notice the mention of director James Marsh (Man on Wire). We presume this artwork was whipped up before Brooks came aboard.

Sobini has a first-look deal with Lionsgate, so there’s distribution potential there, however, nothing has been announced yet.

Source: Sobini Films