First Look Calls Upon Flu Birds, Ghouls


DVD details and art

Two things you don’t want to run into, like, ever: Flu birds and ghouls. This deadly combo will knock you on your ass, man. First Look Studios has passed along details on two aptly-titled DVD releases that leave no room for doubt as to what they’re about.

On September 30th, you’ve got Flu Birds directed by Leigh Scott. The Sci-Fi Channel original follows a group of unruly teens sequestered in the woods on a team building retreat. Terror quickly overpowers the teens as they find themselves prey to killer mutant birds.

Also on the same day, Ghouls, which follows Jennifer, a young college student who visits her grandparents’ Romanian village after the death of her grandmother. While discovering an archaic prophecy, Jennifer is plagued by living nightmares that foresee the future. With the help of a mysterious friend who warns her of the terrifying mystical creatures preying on the town’s innocent victims, Jennifer must figure out who to trust and solve an ancient mystery before it’s too late. Gary Jones directed.

Source: First Look Studios

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