Eco-Horror Wave Continues with Colony


Pitch picked up by Participant

Mother Nature continues to surprise us. Pummeling the human race with floods, hurricanes and a myriad of other “acts of God.” It’s high time horror industry began to churn out some eco-themed films, right? Well, The Happening delivered a gust full of evil wind. Before that, The Last Winter delivered a brooding essay on global warming with the Wendigo myth.

It won’t end there.

Most recently, Participant Media expressed their affinity for Stacy Title and Jonathan Penner’s pitch entitled The Colony, an eco-thriller whose logline is being enshrouded in secrecy. Participant is shepherding the project with Vertigo Films and Room 101.

Vertigo recently produced The Strangers, Room 101’s Steven Schneider is overseeing the progress of Oren Peli’s Paranormal Activity remake. Title helmed The Last Supper, which she co-wrote with hubby Penner, and Snoop Dogg’s Hood of Horror.

(Rotten Note: Hollywood, looking for some prime untapped eco-horror material? Turn to Richard Chizmar’s 1994 anthology The Earth Strikes Back .)

Source: Variety