Four Fear Itself Episodes Scheduled

What’s coming this month?

This Thursday, NBC’s Fear Itself enters its fifth episode (there are 13 on the slab) with Stuart Gordon’s Eater. But what’s on tap for the rest of the month?

Well, the horror anthology series takes a break next week then resumes its schedule on the 17th with Darren Lynn Bousman’s New Year’s Day, a spin on the zombie genre written by Steve Niles. Then on the 24th, look for Skin & Bones by Larry Fessenden and writers Drew McWeeny and Scott Swan. Creature performer Doug Jones toplines as a cattle herder struggling with a monstrous force. And finally, things get hairy in Something With Bite on the 31st. Written by Max Landis (son of John) and directed by Ernest Dickerson, this one concerns a veterinarian who adapting to newfound powers when he is bitten by a large animal.

Fear Itself airs at 10pm (check your local listings). Keep track of our reviews of each episode here.

Source: NBC


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