Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 5 Recap: Honey


Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 5 Recap: Honey

Fear the Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 5 Recap: Honey

In episode 6.05 of Fear the Walking Dead titled “Honey,” Dwight and Sherry team up with a mysterious faction of people to take down Ginny. But when Morgan unexpectedly offers to help, a power struggle ensues.

The Outcasts

Dwight and Sherry are enjoying their reunion, looking through old letters they wrote to each other that Dwight saved. The sweet moment is disturbed by Ranger Hill radioing in to tell Dwight he needs to bring Virginia his tapes. Dwight convinces Hill to let them check out some “off-map spots” instead, with the ranger warning Dwight it better be worth it and to report back in 48 hours. Al was supposed to be covering for Dwight but apparently missed check-in and Sherry wonders if they should go look for her. Dwight doesn’t want Sherry getting mixed up with Virginia and her rangers, but Sherry argues she’s already involved. Dwight suggests they should run, but Sherry says she can’t.

Not long after, a group of people with white masks and dark clothes abduct Dwight. Dwight’s taken to an empty pool surrounded by the mysterious strangers. After a tense moment, Sherry appears, one of the white masks resting on her head as she explains she’s part of this group of outcasts who Virginia had tossed aside and was planning to kill, hence the masks to hide their identities. Sherry didn’t tell Dwight before about the group because she wasn’t sure if he would want to be a part of trying to bring Virginia down. A man named Oswald isn’t as trusting, though, and reveals they’ve also kidnapped Al to ensure Dwight’s cooperation, threatening to kill her if he doesn’t tell them more about Virginia’s movements.

After another tense moment, a familiar face intervenes in the form of Rollie, one of Logan’s henchmen whose life Dwight has previously saved twice. Rollie forces Oswald to release Al and to stand down. Dwight learns that the outcasts are planning on blowing up the SWAT vehicle Virginia usually cruises around in now; Al appears and explains they can’t blow it up because it’s a Caiman Series MRAP, aka, Mine Resistance Ambush Protective “designed to stand up to IED blasts.” Al says that instead of trying to destroy the MRAP, they should steal it.

New Plans

With the help of Dwight and Al, Sherry and the other rebels give chase on horseback after they track down the MRAP. The SWAT van is unprotected, with a sole ranger having taken the vehicle to get refueled. After cutting off the ranger’s communication, Virginia’s man tries to take them out with the MRAP’s guns but Al is able to help the group from taking any bullets. After Dwight boards the MRAP, he manages to get it stopped but the ranger gets away. He’s not gone for long, however, as Morgan suddenly appears dragging the tied up man behind his horse, much to the surprise of Dwight and Al who thought Morgan was dead.

After briefly catching up with a determined Morgan dedicated to finding the rest of their little family (especially Grace), he, Dwight, Al, and the others rest around a campfire celebrating their victory after stealing the MRAP. Morgan tells the group that he’s found a safe place Virginia would never be able to find them and he needs people like them to help build it into their own community. Sherry and Oswald are fast to reject the idea, wanting Virginia’s head. Morgan realizes they may have to get their hands dirty but he and Dwight have already been through a war that took too many lives. Also, they have people they care about still inside of Virginia’s settlements that could get hurt or killed if Sherry and the outcasts launch an attack. Morgan tells them he’s going back to the place he’s talking about tomorrow and they are welcome to come or not come, but to please not make a move against Virginia until the time is right.

Later, Dwight and Sherry speak privately about Morgan’s plan. Dwight says that Morgan and Al are like family and he wants to give Morgan’s idea a try. Sherry disagrees, determined to take Virginia out. Dwight doesn’t want to leave without Sherry, so he says, “We do this right now.”

The Person You Used to Be

Dwight questions Virginia’s ranger demanding to know where the leader will be next. The questioning becomes intense, with Dwight exhibiting a bit of his old personality when he used to work under Negan and nearly allowing Oswald’s dog to turn the man into a chew toy. Morgan puts an end to it, though, asking Dwight what the hell is going on. Dwight gets into an argument with Morgan, asking him how this place he wants to build is somehow going to be different and feels that Sherry is right; none of it matters if Virginia is alive. Dwight also tells him he knows Morgan would do the same for Grace.

Dwight is all on board now, and helps set a trap for Virginia and her rangers by lying over the radio to Ranger Hill that they have found over 100 living people. Sherry seems concerned, though, and asks Dwight if he was really going to let the dog kill the ranger. Dwight says that he just had to let him think he was. Sherry is taken aback when Dwight tells her that he’s going to kill Virginia himself. Morgan speaks with Al, who agrees with him that this attack on Virginia won’t work and tells him she lied about the MRAP not being affected by TNT, that it would be enough to take out the steering column and worst comes to worst, they blow it up. Dwight and the others catch Morgan and Al hatching their own plan and decide to lock them up so they don’t get in the way. Dwight tells Morgan they both want the same thing, but somebody’s gotta lose the fight. Sherry, not wanting Dwight to become the person he used to be during Negan’s reign, has Oswald and Rollie lock Dwight up with Morgan and Al, too.

Dwight admits to Morgan that he was right about it not being the right time to take out Virginia and that he was just desperate to be with Sherry and that this is what he thought she needed. Morgan understands, saying he didn’t realize he needed to change until it was almost too late. Elsewhere, Sherry and her group prepare to take out the rangers that have pulled into the trap. Dwight manages to escape and asks Sherry to change her mind before she guns down the rangers with the MRAP — especially since they now realize Virginia isn’t with them. Dwight doesn’t want Sherry to turn into someone she hates, and he manages to convince her to not kill the rangers. Ranger Hill radios Dwight and Al saying there better be a good reason for this wild goose chase before they take off, not having spotted the MRAP or the rebels. Sherry is angry that Dwight “had to make it hard” and storms out of the MRAP.


After the failed attack, Dwight asks Sherry what Virginia did to her. Sherry says that it’s never been about Virginia; it’s about Negan and her feeling like she failed to help back then and refuses to turn her back now. Dwight says they can’t change the past. He wants more than anything to be with Sherry, but he doesn’t want them to become the people they were before. Sherry says she needs this, and that he has to leave because this is who she is. Sherry says that Dwight reminds her of who he used to be before the apocalypse, and that’s why she needs him to leave.

Dwight goes, but not before freeing Oswald’s caged dog. Morgan asks him to come with them. Dwight asks if he’s really going to take out Virginia and Morgan says yes. Al reassures Dwight that Sherry will find her way back to him one day. Now that they’ve pretty much been burned by the rangers after not checking in and setting them up, they decide to fake Dwight and Al’s deaths by dressing up a couple of similar-looking walkers with their clothes and smashing up their faces for good measure, leaving them behind for the ranger patrols.

Al and Dwight introduce Morgan to Nora and the rest of the survivors from the office building they rescued before who have been in hiding. Morgan warns them there’s quite a bit of work to do at the place he’s taking them, but they seem ready. Dwight leaves behind the infinity symbol and an arrow pointing in the direction they’ve headed as a way to let Sherry know where to go in case she changes her mind.

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